Solution 6- The Art of Interviewing

Personalized, 1-on-1 interviewing preparation training focusing on successful pre-interview, interview, and post-interview strategy and execution. (approximately 3-4 hours)

This includes: dress code, etiquette, verbal communications, non-verbal communications, interview closing approach, thank you letters, and proper follow-up. This training is as close to a real interview as you can get.

Heavy emphasis on mock interview practice, understanding the meanings behind the interview questions including behavioral interview questions, and providing immediate feedback/coaching so you will feel comfortable and confident for your interview.

As with anything you want to do well in, practice makes don't squander a precious interview opportunity by going into it unprepared. If you interview but don't get offers or you have not interviewed in a long time, this training is for you.

• Company/job specific questions for you to ask at the interview, which will be personally researched and written for you, will be included. These won't be the common, cliche questions everyone asks
• Interviewing packet with dozens of interviewing questions and tips, and interview thank you letter(s) will be provided.

Call to discuss the best options for you. Group training is also available.

Fee: $299


Solution 7- Networking for Professional Success

Learn to make business networking work for you so that your current and future job searches will be significantly easier. If you're not focusing on your networking performance or do not even have a networking plan, you're missing out one of the biggest components of professional success, especially the job search.

• Personalized assessment of your current networking strategy. Discuss gaps vs. desired end-state. Identify improvement opportunities. Document and coach on a focused, sustainable networking plan and effective networking strategy personalized to you, whether you're new to networking or an experienced networker
• Learn how to leverage and integrate social media and various relationship building methods in your networking plan. Learn examples from successful business people on their approaches to networking.

Call to discuss the best options for you. Group training is also available.

Fee: $199

Solution 8- The Business Professional

Solutions 1 (Networking Enhanced), 6, and 7 at a discounted package rate.

• 100% preparation for all aspects of the job hunt and what it takes to network successfully in Corporate America.

Fee: $899

*** Solutions 6 and 7 can also be available as FREE training sessions. Call for details.

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